Help for Carers


A carer is someone who is helping a relative, friend, parent or partner with an illness or disability.

Caring for someone can be a strain, both physically and emotionally. Sometimes carers can become exhausted by their caring role and feel as though they have been forgotten and left to cope on their own. It can also be very isolating. Carers often mention how easy it is to lose contact with friends and family.

Many people do not recognise themselves as carers and do not realise that there is help and support out there, which can enhance and improve the lives of both themselves and the person they care for. All carers have the right to support. There are often no quick or easy answers to their problems but the right information about available support services can help. Someone who will listen and who understands the frustrations and difficulties of caring can also make all the difference.

The role of Carers Centre is to support and enable carers to improve their quality of life and to be more confident and able in their caring role. Carers Centre covers the Telford & Wrekin area and can provide information, advice and support to carers and family members.

Our service is free and confidential and is available on the phone, at the office or by email.

Support from Carers Centre

  • We provide a ‘listening ear’ and assist carers in improving their quality of life
  • Our Carer Support Workers offer support either on the telephone or by visiting carers at home, or at a suitable venue by appointment.  They can inform and assist carers with accessing support and services from both statutory and voluntary organisations e.g. Adult Social Care, counselling, support groups, etc.
  • We can provide access to Carers’ Assessments
  • Access to an Emergency Response Carers Service (ERCS)
  • Promote social opportunities for carers
  • Produce a free Carers Newsletter which is full of relevant information for carers

Support Groups:  Carers Centre run a number of support groups for carers. These are listed, along with local groups run by other organisations on the Support Groups page.

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Vital, Life-saving, encouraging, something for me. Thank you.

Felt isolated and needed support in the care of my daughter. Have now been put in contact with some helpful organisations. Thank you.